Longmont office – To sign up for this workshop click on “Financial & Homeownership” above. Explore the rules of borrowing money wisely. Through greater understanding of the terms and conditions associated with borrowing, we position ourselves to use borrowing to help us achiever our financial dreams without weighing us down.

Longmont office – To sign up for a workshop go to www.connectingcolorado.com, create an account, and click on Workshops. Learn the current trends in resume writing and how to target your resume to the position to get your resume noticed. Note: Please be clear about the job or jobs you want before taking this workshop.

North Boulder location – To sign up for this workshop click on “Financial & Homeownership” above. Learn step-by-step strategies that work with your budget to make headway on reducing your debt. Leave this workshop with direction out of debt and into financial freedom. Click for details.  

North Boulder location – Preguntas:  Por favor llame al (303) 441-4849    Conozca cómo las instituciones financieras pueden servirle como una gran herramienta para ayudarle a alcanzar sus metas financieras. Asimismo aprenderá cómo establecer, restablecer o finalizar relaciones bancarias de una manera más efectiva.